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Multi-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator or Duo Application Note

Latest post

Exploring Metro Ethernet Services and Solutions with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Metro Ethernet, which is a term coined from Metropolitan Area Networks, is a networking concept that extends Ethernet services beyond […]
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Latest post

Revolutionizing the Oil and Gas Industry: How Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solutions Help Drive Digital Transformation

The oil and gas industry is a complex, dynamic, and volatile industry that faces many challenges and requirements. With the […]
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Latest post

The safest solution to centralized WLAN traffic in a controller-less architecture: Guest Traffic Tunneling Services

What are the benefits of centralized traffic? The OmniAccess Stellar WLAN architecture is distributed and controller-less. This presents multiple advantages […]
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Streamline network troubleshooting and optmise performance with OmniVista Network Advisor: Try our demo now!

OmniVista Network Advisor is here! Our Omnivista Network Advisor demo is now available. With this demo release, we have built […]
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Latest post

Using the OmniVista 2500 Trap Responder to send Webhook messages to Microsoft Teams Channel

At Linköping University, we wanted to get some of the Trap Notifications to be sent to a Microsoft Teams Channel […]
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Resources Center

Multi-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator or Duo Application Note

In the rapidly evolving digital security landscape, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an increasingly common and essential feature. This document breaks down MFA’s components and significance in detail.

Industrial Automation Solution Guide

This guide presents ALE solutions for industrial automation requirements. It provides the use cases, business drivers and technical requirements.

Precision Time Protocol Application Note

The purpose of this document is to to provide a comprehensive a reference guide to the solutions that Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can provide to mission-critical network’s customers using Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar Access Point Broadcast and Multicast Optimisation

This Application Note is designed to help users overcome these issues. Users will discover multiple techniques to improve network efficiency through explanations of features and recommendations.

Ethernet Ring Protection Switching Application Note

The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference guide to the solutions that Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can provide to it’s mission-critical network customers. This solution is based on Recommendation ITU-T G.8032/Y.1344, which defines the protection switching protocol and mechanisms for Ethernet ring network topologies which will be described in detail in this document.

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