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OmniAccess AP1101 is your partner for life

by Daniel
Posted03.13.18 Business Opportunities WLAN
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True relationships stand the test of time. If we are lucky, the good friends that we grow up with will be the ones that stand by us throughout our lives. We believe Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar AP1101 is your SMB partner for life. This scalable access point design transforms with your business from the earliest of days and onward as it grows into the company that you envisioned from the start.


Opportunities abound

Companies, like children, sometimes grow faster than anticipated. And, while you can’t really manage how fast a little one grows, anticipating needs and managing the expansion of your wireless infrastructure as your business grows was made easier in November 2016 with the launch of the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 multifunctional entry-level access point. It was a turning point for SMBs. Providing efficient and dedicated Wi-Fi, the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 is the perfect partner for SMBs. Adaptability is key, and just like the flexibility required to grow and sustain relationships, the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 provides the flexibility your business need as it grows.


Maturity means opportunity and strength

Sometimes, on the path to maturity, it’s necessary to part ways with friends who no longer fit with who you are becoming. The same is true for your business. You need to sort out the network components that no longer fit with your maturing business. The good news is, the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 grows with you: It is as efficient for a small Wi-Fi deployment as it is for a mid-sized Wi-Fi Enterprise. How is that possible you ask? Well, prior to the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101, 16 access points per cluster was the standard limitation. With the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 you can now scale up to 32 access points and that can be further expanded to 64 access points when combined with other OmniAccess Stellar AP models. And, no matter the requirement, the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 provides high throughput with a seamless user experience.


Keep deployment simple

Simplicity means harmony in relationships, as well as in managing a business. Plug-and-play deployment provides simplicity and enables businesses to adapt quickly to meet growing demand. The OmniAccess Stellar AP Web interface requires only a few clicks to set up the necessary parameters.

Another even simpler option is zero-touch provisioning. With zero-touch provisioning the first access point in the cluster securely obtains the configuration from an on-premises Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX® Enterprise OXO Connect. This frees up businesses from the necessity of having specialized IT skills, and turns “installation time” into “productive time.” Who could ask for anything more?


AP1101 is always by your side

At some point, you just have to grow up, and that might not always be easy. You must look to the future and set goals. The same is true for growing your SMB. However, more employees, a bigger office space, and switching to a larger Wi-Fi infrastructure is not the challenge it once was. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista® 2500 Network Management System provides the support you need to transform your network to support your maturing business. It is available in both a traditional on-premises environment, and as a cloud-based solution with Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista Cirrus. There is no need to change the existing AP network infrastructure to scale to 2048  or more in the future. And, the OmniAccess Stellar AP1101 is still there, by your side, ready to meet all your business needs. Now that’s a simple, reliable, lifelong partner.


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