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Asset tracking: using the asset search features

Asset search features: to easily find the asset you need and tracking objects and people in real-time.

Post on 26.05.2020 by Louise

A part of the analytic and historical information of assets and peoples, or the open APIs to solution integrations with thirt part management tools, the important point continues to be the Asset search features supported.


Locate patients, clinicians and assets on a floorplan:


  • Tracking objects and people in real-time, makes patient care more efficient and can help improve processes and workflows in hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities


  • Visualization of assets, which assets are available, find them on a floor plan map, know which equipment is nearest to a user or patients:


With equipment and role specific icons, it makes it easier to locate the person or asset need it, by icon graphic and color. Custom fields can be used to set up personalized parameters directly through the app.

I – How to find an asset you need in real-time?


Pull up a floorplan map and search for an asset or enter the type of asset need it and the web management tool or mobile app will provide the location information in real-time. Asset locations are updated in seconds, versus minutes for others vendors.


  • Detailed information on each asset
  • Set up an asset category for each asset
  • By name and sub-category name


Use customized fields to identify:

  • Availability (whether the asset is available or not)
  • Unavailability reason (in use, maintenance, cleaning)
  • Maintenance date (when it is due for maintenance)
  • Last service/cleaning date (to ensure you follow compliance requirements)


II- Improvement equipment to reduce costs


Some of the benefits of these features described here, will result in an Improved equipment utilization and reduced overhead costs, like the ones:


  • Better tracking of assets in and around a healthcare facility to avoid theft
  • Improved caregiver satisfaction by reducing the time needed to locate resources
  • Improved patient experience as caregivers can spend more time with them
  • Estimated battery life of the Tags, for tag management and replacement prediction.


In conclusion, an asset tracking solution can help your business dramatically, but don’t stops only in the acquisition of an Asset Tracking tool.

To ensure that the business assets are accounted for, a design and implementation asset tracking plan must be placed in field. Features like analytics and asset/people history, will help a lot on that.

Remember, this is not a job for a day, but multiple days where the improvement and ROI are obtained, when best practices are taken in place.

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