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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Asset Tracking solutions: all you need to know

How is structure Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise asset tracking solutions? Find here all you need to know about our asset tracking products.

By hamaro
Asset tracking
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Asset tracking: using the asset search features

Asset search features: to easily find the asset you need and tracking objects and people in real-time.

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Asset tracking
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Introducing Omniaccess Stellar Asset Tracking solution

The OmniAccess Stellar Asset tracking solution, using BLE technology tags to broadcast their location, easily locats workplace equipment and people and archived records.

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Asset tracking
Smart city and Internet of Things concept.

Revolutionize Your Business With OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services

Today’s technologies allow companies to receive guests better than ever. It is essential that any guest or customer feels welcomed and comfortable, with a desire to return. With this in mind, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has embraced technology and developed OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services (LBS).

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