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Monitoring in a micro-segmentation strategy – Cybersecurity Series Part 2

In my previous article about micro-segmentation, I explained the 5 different phases in a micro-segmentation strategy. In this article, I […]

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Bringing Esports into education: 7 Things to consider

Bringing Esports into education: 7 things to consider

By way of background, for anyone not familiar with the concept, Esports is a form of organized multi-player video game […]

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When to migrate to Wi-Fi 6?

The arrival of Wi-Fi 6 is the major evolution for mobility in the corporate world. Like any migration, it is […]

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Network infrastructure that supports the rise of E-sports

Once thought of as passive entertainment is now becoming an international phenom. E-sports is becoming mainstream.  We are at the […]

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Wi-Fi 6E: next generation WLAN

Wi-Fi 6E: what should we expect? On this blog post Brian Wollak, Alcatel-Lucent expert explains what will be different with this new Wi-Fi 6 spectrum.

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Introducing Wi-Fi 6E

Introducing Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E is coming. Here our latest Spacewalkers blog post about the announcement made by the Wi-Fi Alliance at CES 2020.

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Looking for a high performance? Discover highly available WLAN

Read this Spacewalkers blog post written by David Fortini to discover how to improve overall Wi-Fi network performance, especially for high bandwidth applications.

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Minimize the Total Cost of Ownership of your WLAN

Learn how to select a network that meets the needs of your business and budget! A future-proof solution built on the latest technologies, innovations and services can be key to avoiding pricey infrastructure upgrades down the line.

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MU-MIMO Wi-Fi: the key for multiple users and devices

MU-MIMO is a wireless technology capable to support multiple users on multiple devices at the same time. Here are 3 key facts you should know

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Wi-Fi 6, what’s all the buzz about? Explanations

Wi-Fi 6: discover 3 reasons why it has now become one of the most important technologies that all industries must have

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