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A Use Case for Zigbee radio on OmniAccess Stellar WLAN

OmniAccess Stellar access points managed in Enterprise mode with OmniVista 2500 server enable new IoT services on the WLAN infrastructure. […]

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Cybersecurity in the network transportation infrastructure

As Mission Critical Networks becomes more present in Transportation, so do the threats of cyberattacks. Read how to mitigate the […]


Wi-Fi Halow: optimized connectivity for IoTs

HaLow can you hear me?  You may be asking yourself, Brian have you lost your mind? it’s hello can you […]

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IoT containment

ALE IoT containment solution: securely onboard IoT devices

IoT containment can help businesses easily and automatically understand if the device is behaving properly and help keep the network safe.

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Wi-Fi 6, what’s all the buzz about? Explanations

Wi-Fi 6: discover 3 reasons why it has now become one of the most important technologies that all industries must have

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How to Make Public Wi-Fi Secure

The government sector accounted for 13.9 percent of data breaches in 2018. But how do you make public Wi-Fi secure? Securing mission-critical city infrastructure requires a layered security framework that combines both proactive and reactive defense mechanisms.

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How to Make Public Wi-Fi Faster

Here are some key features to consider for making public Wi-Fi fasters and to grow user experience

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All About the New 802.11ax Wi-Fi and Why You Need It

Whether at an airport, hotel or school campus, an increasing number of people are looking for Wi-Fi access wherever they go. This expectation of Wi-Fi access across industries has increased the need for a new Wi-Fi standard: 802.11ax.

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All Education Demands

It’s true—they’re everywhere, students and teachers, smartphones and tablets, computers and smart boards. Large and small campuses alike are abuzz in a frenzy of activities and in today’s world that means demand for connectivity.

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