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IT Partners’ Event Opened Doors and Minds

Earlier this year, IT Partners organized an event that gathered 253 exhibitors to exchange ideas. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was one of the exhibitors and participated in two different booths: CRIS and ALLIANCE.

By Daniel
spectre meltdown

Should you be scared of Meltdown and Spectre CPU security flaws?

In today’s world, data is gold and security is paramount. Recently identified CPU security flaws, however, have put corporations on high alert. Unfortunately, the CPU hardware happens to deep embed the chink in the armor. The opportunity for cyber crimes created by these vulnerabilities – known as Meltdown and Spectre – have the potential to wreak havoc on companies operating large data processing environments.

By maurorizzi

When “Business Partner” becomes synonymous with “Coworker”

It can be difficult to grasp the full benefit of technology when it’s not operating in a real environment. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solution Lab in Colombes, France, offers ALE Business Partners (BPs), the opportunity to experience the future of technology. Learn more on this blog post.

By Aminata Kamara