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Connectivity ALL the time!

How to stay connected all the time? Find Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions on this blog post

Post on 30.04.2019 by Carolina


Who doesn’t want to stay connected all the time? Well, ALL the time might be a bit much. But in reality, we want to be connected… WHEN we want to be connected. The reality…wiring can be complex and costly. (keep this thought)

So when we’re out being social, visiting friends, shopping or whatever gets us away from home, staying connected boosts the experience. And we hardly notice when there’s a reliable Wi-Fi network making this happen. That’s a good thing.

How can your business deliver the expected, unexpectedly?

With a solid Wi-Fi without complexities…or outrageous costs. That’s why we’re sharing a price reduction in our ultra high-performance wireless access point from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar 1231/1232 are high-performance series of 802.11ac access points featuring enhanced technology with RF Radio Dynamic Adjustment, a distributed control Wi-Fi architecture, secure network admission control with unified access, and built-in application intelligence and analytics. The ideal WLAN solution for enterprises of all sizes demanding a simple, secure and scalable wireless network.

Ask your Channel Partner about the price reduction today!

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