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Introducing Digital Age Networking

by Louise
Posted11.29.19 Digital Age Network IoT LAN WLAN
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In the age of digital, it’s important for an enterprise to be fully connected. To be competitive, enterprises should integrate into their activities and IT solutions all innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Data, cybersecurity to offer the best solution.


1. What is “Digital Age” and how does it impact your network?


This term refers to the arrival of “digitalization” and all changes generated by it. This requires a new way of working, and for IT specialists, a new way to use, secure and configure a network.

For optimal connectivity, it is also important to take in consideration others aspects such as a better bandwitch, more workforce mobility, automation and monitoring, and tighter security.

With all these elements put together, you can reduce coast, have a unified IT infrastructure and assure better customer satisfaction.

To fully use the potential of digitalization, infrastructures should leverage its all benefits. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise proposes a network foundation that delivers the services you need to grow your business.


2- Digital Age Networking by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise



A Digital Age Networking foundation is a high-performance Service Defined Network that automatically provides network services while guaranteeing the user ‘Quality of Experience’ (QoE) and enabling simple and secure IoT onboarding.

The solution automatically translates business requirements into network services provisioning, and configures the network to efficiently support the requirements. It recognizes and optimizes the QoE of all users, and ensures users do not access unauthorized applications.

Digital Age Networking can integrate, onboard, and connect the massive number of IoT devices that are at the foundation of the new enterprise digital business processes.

Digital Age Networking is composed of several pillars. Stay turned for other articles as I’ll introduce and explain each pillar to you.

Here are the four pillars of Digital Age Networking:

1- Service Defined Network: to easily and securely connect people and devices

2- Internet of Things: to generate new outcome from millions of things

3- Cloud Economics: using data analytics and artificial intelligence to enable differentiated digital business processes

4- IT as Business Engine: for IT to enable business productivity enhancement and revenue generation

We will explore these 4 pillars more and explain how they are important in a perpetual business transformation. We will speak about the importance of each pillar in digitilization and how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise combines all these elements together to deliver the best network to support your business.




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