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A New Series in Sight: The How To’s for Public Wi-Fi

Groupe_887Mar. 16, 2019
Our Marketing team at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise conducted a study on what people are searching for on the Internet about Wi-Fi. According to what we found, these articles should provide a better perspective on Wireless in the government sector.

Top Trends

Some of the most trending topics included:

  • Places with free Wi-Fi near me
  • How to make public Wi-Fi faster/secure/cost-effective
  • How to secure public Wi-Fi
  • Municipal Wi-Fi success/cost/deployments/(mesh) network
  • Public Wi-Fi protection/security

How ALE Can and Will Help

ALE delivers technology where everything connects. Along with ALE’s best in breed solution, the above information and study to come provide a deeper dive on a reliable wireless network for your business.

One of our key goals is to assist public employees and all the different departments across the government sector, including public services, to reach the full digital transformation potential. As a result of this and our findings, we will share insights on all the major themes covered above, which essentially come down to the following:

  • How to build a solid public Wi-Fi network
  • How to make public Wi-Fi faster
  • How to make public Wi-Fi secure
  • How to make public Wi-Fi cost effective

Stay tuned to find the answers to these topics!