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ALE Network foundation for digital transformation

Groupe_887May. 18, 2022
Networks are more mission critical than ever before. With the need for the network to do more, it is essential to automate as many processes as possible to reduce workloads, increase efficiency and decrease potential human errors.

1. What is “Digital Age” and how does it impact your network?

This term refers to the arrival of “digitalization” and all changes generated by it. This requires a new way of working, and for IT specialists, a new way to use, secure and configure a network.

For optimal connectivity, it is also important to take in consideration others aspects such as a better bandwitch, more workforce mobility, automation and monitoring, and tighter security.

With all these elements put together, you can reduce cost, have a unified IT infrastructure and ensure better customer satisfaction.

To fully use the potential of digitalization, infrastructures should leverage its all benefits. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise proposes a network foundation that delivers the services you need to grow your business.

2- Digital Age Networking by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

A Digital Age Networking foundation is a high-performance Service Defined Network that automatically provides network services while guaranteeing the user ‘Quality of Experience’ (QoE) and enabling simple and secure IoT onboarding.

The solution automatically translates business requirements into network services provisioning, and configures the network to efficiently support the requirements. It recognizes and optimizes the QoE of all users, and ensures users do not access unauthorized applications.

Digital Age Networking can integrate, onboard, and connect the massive number of IoT devices that are at the foundation of the new enterprise digital business processes.

We believe that the network should be based on this 3 pillars:

  • An Autonomous Network that easily, automatically, and securely connects people, processes, applications, and objects.
  • Secure and efficient onboarding of IoT devices using segmentation techniques that minimize the risk of having the entire network being compromised.
  • Business Innovation through workflow automation simplifying the creation and roll-out of new automated digital business processes to enhance productivity and enable new revenue streams.

3 – Our Network Technical Directions for 2022

Watch this short video about ALE Network Strategy with some insight on the technical direction of our development activities in 2022 presented by Michael See, CTO of the Network Business Division at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.