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Connect from anywhere with our innovative OmniAccess Stellar RAP solution

Groupe_887Oct. 13, 2022

The extension of a corporate network can be done with OmniAccess Stellar access points in RAP mode (Remote Access Point mode) which can operate in almost the entire range of OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 access points. In this mode, our access points automatically establish state-of-the-art VPN tunnels to an Enterprise class VPN server installed at the main office.

For companies that already deployed OmniVista 2500 and have an in-house data center to manage their WLAN/LANs on-premises, the Remote Access Point (RAP mode) is the easiest and most affordable way to connect remote sites.

OmniAccess Stellar RAP solution

OmniAccess Stellar RAP is a multi-site solution, fitting different sites in size or customers, deployed in data center, and managed entirely from OmniVista 2500.

The deployment of the VPN server in Data Center does not require a license, only Access Points licenses are required in OmniVista 2500.

4 VPN configurations are supported in the Data Center depending on the RAP deployments requested by the company. The range goes from the simplest appliance-based configuration (up to 100 RAPs) to large configurations (up to 1000 RAPs) with OmniAccess Stellar VPN server in High Availability mode.

Whatever the mode used, the OmniAccess Stellar VPN VA can deliver WG-encrypted throughput up to 200Mbps for each RAP.

OmniAccess Stellar RAP solution
The OmniAccess Stellar RAP mode does not bring any complexity for branch offices. The configuration is fully supported by the IT team from the main office. The remote users or the remote IT team receive their OmniAccess Stellar AP configured in RAP mode with the desired functionalities for the remote site. The complete management of RAPs is done by the IT team from the management platform OmniVista 2500.

Securing links on the internet

The security and protection of data for companies remain the priority when links pass over the Internet. OmniAccess Stellar RAP brings the latest technology in terms of VPN encryption over the Internet using the recent WireGuard software where most corporate VPNs still use the IPSec standard. Wireguard is a free software recognized for its speed and flexibility of use. Wireguard is a technology already deployed in the best VPNs of the market (NordVPN etc.).

Branch offices ready to be connected

OmniAccess Stellar RAP architecture meets the needs for different workplaces. It provides the LAN and WLAN extension for small & medium branch offices allowing remote users to connect to corporate applications. It is built with the same access policies, security, and level of services as those provided in the main office.

The example below shows a connection of an OmniAccess Stellar RAP branch office built with Wi-Fi 6 AP1331 and OS6360. It allows the Wi-Fi 6 coverage for the site and a corporate LAN/WLAN extension with a voice service.

OmniAccess Stellar RAP solution

The OmniAccess Stellar 1331 used in Remote Access Point mode in this branch office is fully managed from OmniVista in the main office.

The main benefits of management via OmniVista 2500 for this remote office are:

  • Use of corporate SSIDs at remote location
  • Benefits from the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology for remote connected devices
  • Local / Internet routing are defined on SSIDs basis (by default corporate traffics back to main office)
  • Stellar local Web Content filtering (12 million unsafe IPs/ 83 categories URLs)
  • Use of WLAN/LAN access policies for the branch office identical to those defined in the parent company
  • Downlink port management and forward of various corporate VLANs on the RAP
  • Apps monitoring in the same way as the parent company
  • Identical QoS with the use of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of OmniAccess Stellar AP1331
  • Authentication /registration of different devices with the User Profile Access Manager (UPAM) function of OmniVista 2500
  • Corporate user Network Profiles on downlink ports

Suitable for home working or nomadic worker

A remote or a nomadic worker can benefit from all the advantages of the OmniAccess Stellar RAP. It is totally adapted to those types of connections.

The user receives the OmniAccess Stellar RAP already configured at home. If necessary, the IT team can configure the corporate SSIDs giving access to corporate applications including voice on the Wi-Fi or LAN.

Once connected to its router, the user retrieves its office collaborative environment. OmniAccess Stellar AP1301H has the compact format with 3.1 Gbps downlink ports and a PSE port to connect any IP equipment, including a corporate IP phone.

The user can request IT team for specific configurations. For example, SSIDs can be set up to broadcast for personal use with specific local routing. The IT team can also connect to certain business VLANs by using the available ports of OmniAccess Stellar RAP. Then, the user would be able to use VLANs directly with the same access methods and policies defined at main office thanks to the Unified Policies Access Management (UPAM) function of the management platform OmniVista 2500.

New features with OmniAccess Stellar RAP

AWOS 4.0.5 and OmniVista 4.7 brings the following features for OmniAccess Stellar RAP:

  • Configuration of downlink ports and manage direct VLAN forwarding to each RAP port (any type of VLAN) with OmniVista release 4.7
  • Connection to DS-Lite ISP routers