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Cybersecurity in the network transportation infrastructure

Groupe_887May. 19, 2021

As Mission Critical Networks becomes more present in Transportation, so do the threats of cyberattacks. Read how to mitigate the risk to these attacks in IT network infrastructures for Transportation, with an ALE infrastructure.

Digital transformation is changing the cybersecurity expectations of Transportation providers as the number of connected devices (IoTs) has exploded. Ticketless trips along with the rise of multimodal transport use are changing the way of commuting in the daily life. Today, travelers receive real time information about their trips which is made possible with contact tracing solutions, used also to protect passengers.

The network infrastructure needs to be prepared to these challenges between digitalization and security. There is a high demand of bandwidth in the LAN and WLAN to meet but also ensuring maximum security, avoiding breaches, using the last features with the correct security strategy approach.

How to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks on the IT network infrastructure?

One of the major lessons of the past has been to strengthen cybersecurity to better protect the institutions against IT network infrastructure vulnerabilities. This requires a holistic approach to security, which entails thinking about strategy. More particularly, technology must cover the following aspects:

  • Identity management and access control through authentication and use of deep security policies
  • Security of connected devices (traditional and IoT ones)
  • Security of data exchange by encryption
  • Containerization of the network into virtual networks to reduce vulnerabilities created by IoT, mobile devices and network equipment, preventing a potential breach from providing an attack vector and spreading across the mission critical ecosystems
  • Automated network management
  • A single pane of glass for LAN and WLAN
  • Security of the OS in the Network devices (AP`s, Switches…)
  • Analytics collection to better security decisions

To understand how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can apply this strategy in the transportation sector, please access the Teck Brief ALE Layer Approach to Security. Learn how these recommendations can strengthen the security of IT infrastructure and equipment while protecting passengers in transportation facilities.