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Easy deployment with SD-Branch

Groupe_887Sept. 22, 2022


Today is a special day because I will present how our ALE solutions fit into the so-called SD-Branch. If you are brand new about this topic, you are in the perfect place. So, sit tight and let this technology seduces you.

SD-Branch allows a simple deployment while ensuring a consistent security in accordance with the company’s policies. It also enables enterprises to deploy strategies in a central manner that is automatically deployed to multiple devices at a location, or to multiple locations.

Not yet convinced? Well, let me explain more.

This entire solution is managed from the cloud. There is no need to get worried about server availability. Indeed, a simple Internet connection is enough.

The entire solution has simplified the deployment and the management of the enterprise branch network. The icing on top of the cake is that this solution gives you the ability to grow your network at small, medium or large scale.

This was the introduction but what do you really earn by using SD-Branch?

First, Unified Configuration such as firewall policies or web content filter networks strategies. Manual configuration can be laborious and boring. You would not need to go through it because it includes the Zero-touch configuration for initial provisioning. Yes, you have read it well, it is automated. On top of that you do not need to be a network master because SD-Branch is also synonym of Lean IT, it will help you to reduce cost and time dedicated to the deployment.


sd branch

We assume that a company has multiple sites across the country. The goal is to show why adopting SD-WAN could simplify your life and the deployment of multiple sites. The entire deployment process will comply to company policies network and security.

The architecture of a branch contains:

  • A SD-WAN router,
  • An OmniSwitch®,
  • An OmniAccess Stellar Access point®.

We will set up a fully operational network from scratch.

Solutions Used

Let me introduce two main solutions that work together as one.

You will have a complete vision on the deployment of a new branch using tools such as OV Cirrus Assistant® and Titan Mobile® for Zero-Touch provisioning.

You will complete the network configuration using the cloud-managed platform such as OmniVista Cirrus® with a diversity of features to choose from.

Finally, you will set up the Titan Portal® for security aspects.

Let’s go further more in this video below where I explained the different steps of Lean-It deployment. Enjoy the demo!