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Introducing Omniaccess Stellar Asset Tracking solution

Groupe_887May. 05, 2020

ABI Research predicted that the global market for asset tracking with reach $4.5B by 2022.

According to hospital study by Locatable, a nurse spends on average 72 minutes per shift only searching for equipment.

A GE study found that many hospitals are reporting equipment utilization rates of less than 50%. That’s well below what’s considered the industry-acceptable use rate of 70% to 80%.

Trustee magazine reported that there are approximately 15–17 devices per bed and about one quarter of those bedside devices are networked.

  • So how can hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities reduce the time it takes to – find someone or something and utilize their medical devices to maximize on their investments?

  • How to avoid robberies and improve asset maintenance processes, collecting precious information that can be used in third part inventory management tools?

I – OmniAcccess Sellar Asset tracking solution

The OmniAccess Stellar Asset tracking solution, using BLE technology tags to broadcast their location, easily locats workplace equipment, people, and archived records reduces the amount of time spent looking for items. It also increases safety and security as knowing the location of people means assistance can be quickly dispatched. Other information related with equipment usage patterns and locations can be obtained too

A BLE solution with an intuitive web and smartphone app lets staff locate people and assets on a floor plan map, with a simple auto-text search. Easy registration of BLE tags makes life easier for IT.

It provides other functionalities too:

  • Asset tracking analytics

        - Provide information about how items are used, which departments use them the most, how often they get moved around the premises, how far they travel on a daily basis and even when the asset was last maintained. This information helps organization optimize asset usage. These analytics can reduce the cost of replacing, leasing and over purchasing equipment to ensure availability.
  • Inventory lists

        - Can ensure that equipment is properly maintained and usage can be optimized based on the data provided.
  • Geonotifications

        - Can provide alerts such as, when service on a piece of equipment is due, or when an asset is being removed from a building.

II – BLE technology to delive the tracking of objects and people

The OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking solution, uses BLE technology to deliver the tracking of objects and people. Bluetooth Low Energy is a near-field technology that provides sub-meter location accuracy without additional/expensive overlay solutions. A BLE asset tracking solution does not interfere with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, improves device battery efficiency vs a pure Wi-Fi location solution and ensures better ROI based on equipment, deployment and operational costs. The BLE Technology which is a continuously evolving standard to provide the latest and greatest solution in future like Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) to provide sub-meter accuracy instead of getting stuck on proprietary technology used by many competitors. The Omniaccess Stellar Asset Tracking solution is prepared to reach between 3 to 5 meters.

III. How to save staff time?

Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar Asset Tracking saves staff time with simple-to-use features, such as:

  • Simplified search interface for non-technical staff,
  • Advanced search with filtering feature and future advanced search combining multiple choices (asset + service + availability),
  • Role based access for locating an asset,
  • Search based on individual asset/person name or on a category of asset/person,
  • Web based asset search with optimized responsive design to ensure that various devices can leverage it,
  • Mobile App based search,
  • Customizable asset category parameters for various healthcare use cases

    In a second blog post we’ll talk about Asset tracking and learn more about the architecture of ALE products.