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IT Partners’ Event Opened Doors and Minds

Groupe_887Jul. 26, 2018
Earlier this year, IT Partners organized an event that gathered 253 exhibitors to exchange ideas. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was one of the exhibitors and participated in two different booths: CRIS and ALLIANCE.

Establishing a business relationship with well-known partners

All the main markets were represented at the event: Infrastructure, software and services, audiovisual, communication mobility, and network and information management. It was the perfect setting to discover and meet many new contacts and sources of commercial business at an international level.

In addition to the mentioned markets, new trends are driving innovation.

Trends such as IoT, robots, drones and virtual reality. The event was also good for “being more objective” and “thinking outside the box,” according to Sebastien Claret.

A good way to become more competitive is by sharing ideas, as this is how an idea becomes most impactful. This event was designed to enable an exchange of ideas with partners that might bring solutions to identified problems, insight to projects or simply good discussions between experts.

CRIS and ALLIANCE: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Business Partners

During the IT Partner’s exhibition, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise participated at two stands – CRIS Reseau, a company specializing in network security, and ALLIANCE, a global distributor. This collaboration is one example of ALE’s presence in different sectors.

These motivated partners work together with ALE daily promoting ALE solutions to the French market.

ALE showcased its products with the 250 participating exhibitors addressing the many needs of the various sectors, thanks to innovative and responsive solutions. ALE and its partners offered prototypes and demonstrations, and even presented products that have not been placed in the market yet. The exhibition was a great way to promote, exchange and broaden horizons.

An opportunity to gain visibility

A company’s presence and people are as important as the service it provides. Sebastien Claret and Daniel Ferrero admirably represented Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Here for interaction, demonstration and search for potential business relationships, Daniel Ferrero saw the added value that IT Partners had to offer. It was an opportunity to gain even more business partners, because “the most solid relationships are made around a cup of coffee and individuals sharing the same values and motivation.”

Sebastien Claret saw a huge opportunity to generate profit for ALE and potential as well as current Business Partners.

Attending the IT Partners’ event has opened doors and opportunities, but most importantly, it has opened minds to the endless possibilities of a partnership.