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See in 7 steps how to easily deploy your OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking & Contact tracing solution

Groupe_887Oct. 21, 2021

Discover how simple it is to deploy the OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking & Contact tracing solution

ALE offers an Asset Tracking & Contact tracing solution, which simplifies locating people and assets, while optimizing workflows and equipment utilization. This is a complete, end-to-end solution that instantly locates people and critical equipment with meter-level accuracy.

When it comes to deployment, there are four essential variables to be identified:

  • The surface to cover in sq meters and a floorplan map of the area(s) to be covered
  • The type of environment – open, closed, complex…
  • The number of assets or people to be located
  • BLE gateway positioning and constraints

Professional Services Assistance is required when securing a project for such a solution.

OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking

By identifying these variables, ALE experts, assigned to the project, can take care of the site survey and position the BLE gateways and autocalibration beacons on a floorplan map, by following the best practices and guidelines to guarantee the finest coverage.

As a tailor made and turnkey solution, you can then present the project and validate it with your customer.

The site survey of the BLE gateway positioning is the major step and certainly the most crucial because it determines the coverage quality and the level of accuracy.

Once this step is accomplished, the rest is very quick and simple:

  1. Your gateways and autocalibration beacons are already registered and positioned on the map thanks to the survey – there is nothing further to do at this point.
  2. Install your gateways according to the agreed positioning.
  3. Install your autocalibration beacons according to the agreed positioning.
  4. Register your BLE tags by scanning their QR code.
  5. Associate your BLE tags to your equipment and/or people/groups of people by incorporating customized values to optimize your search and get advanced analytics.
  6. Set your site in production mode to start the automatic calibration of your site, then wait a few minutes…
  7. You’re done! You can instantly locate, search, and visualize in real time all your resources as well as set up contact tracing. reports, create analytics dashboards, activate geonotification alerts and many other features…
OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking

Note: some fine tuning of the BLE gateway positioning may be required once the network is up and running.

The solution also allows you to troubleshoot and monitor all aspects of your site with alerts. This ensures quality and performance of your network.

Simply try and adopt the solution! Proof of Concept with trial period are available, please contact your ALE representative for more information.