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Streamline network troubleshooting and optmise performance with OmniVista Network Advisor: Try our demo now!

Groupe_887Apr. 20, 2023

OmniVista Network Advisor is here!

Our Omnivista Network Advisor demo is now available. With this demo release, we have built upon a set of groundbreaking features introduced in this AI-based companion to showcase how it can reduce network downtime, analyze risks and much more.

Before going further, what is OmniVista Network Advisor?

As organizations become increasingly reliant on networks for day-to-day operations, maintaining network uptime and ensuring a seamless experience for end-users have become a top priority. To answer companies’ needs, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has developed OmniVista Network Advisor, an autonomous tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance network performance, improve security, and reduce downtime.

Network Advisor is designed to anticipate and resolve network issues before end-users even notice them. It streamlines network troubleshooting and simplifies network configuration audits, while also identifying any sudden changes in network behavior. The solution reduces network downtime by detecting and resolving problems on the fly, and in the future, it will do so before they even occur.

One of the key benefits is its ability to deliver real-time notifications via the Network Advisor Companion Service. Its intelligent engine captures and analyzes data, providing IT teams with insights on how to optimize the network and recommend remediation actions. The Companion Service also provides network administrators with real-time alerts, enabling them to respond quickly and take corrective actions directly from their smartphones.


In terms of Architecture, it can be simply explained.

Network Advisor utilizes a hybrid processing system that combines on-premises and cloud-based resources. This approach ensures that the system is highly scalable and can perform at a high level.

Omnivista Network Advisor Edge system, which is integrated with the OmniSwitch® and OmniAccess® Stellar WLAN infrastructure, constantly monitors and retrieves information about the status of the network, as well as any potential threats that could compromise the network. Then, it performs two critical tasks to decrease the percentage of issues that can occur.

The first task is to identify known issues that are already reported in the Alcatel-Lucent Enteprise Knowledge base. This helps reduce the number of real issues and prevent them from happening again.

The second task is to alert IT teams of potential risks and mitigate any network issues that occur and are not known yet.

Two tools are available for Network Advisor: The Web Management for configuration, troubleshooting, with TAC support, and an application with Rainbow Bot for real-time interaction.

Access the demo now!

In this demonstration you will get the opportunity to try out OmniVista Network Advisor and see how it operates. The demo comes up with a tailored web interface to simulate network issues. It allows you to dive into multiple use cases such as:

  • A Virtual Chassis TakeOver scenario
  • A Network Loop on the the infrastrcuture
  • Or even a Dos Attack on the network
  • You can take actions directly from your smartphone or a desktop Rainbow® Bubble (a group conversation).

You can also book the demo on our Edemo platform.

And there is much more…

These different scenarios are just some of the possibilities but you can deep dive into more cases such as viewing the event history or even creating your own custom rules, to name a few.


To conclude, there are four key points to remember:

  • 24/7 effortless, non-stop network monitoring
  • Real-time alert of potential risks
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Automatic mitigation of network issues