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Update your Network Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

Groupe_887Jan. 07, 2022
With the combination of OXO Connect server release 5.0, the LAN & WLAN network offer for SMB with the latest OmniSwitch releases and OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi 6 Access Points is evolving. They are innovating to meet the market demand, regardless of the branch offices type and equipment connected.
LAN & WLAN network
On this note, I will introduce the updates done on the Zero touch Provisioning (ZTP) for OmniSwitches products and Stellar Wi-Fi 6 Access Points with a new ZTP Virtual Machine for laptop provided to the IT team.
LAN & WLAN network

ALE provides a new VM for laptop with Zero touch Provisioning. Easy to install, license-free and designed with open-source software only, this demo VM extends the ZTP function to help with the upgrading and the configuration of several OS2260, OS2360 & OS6360 switches, and Access Points AP1301, AP1311 and AP1101. Moreover, it works for any LAN & WLAN network that is not attached to an OXO Connect server, centralized IT or Data Center.

This VM for demonstration is now provided externally for Windows 10 OS and includes the lastest releases OmniSwitch 2260/2360/6360 and OmniAccess Stellar AP1301/AP1311/AP1101 for an installation from the start, this w/o OXO Connect server.

With a simple connection for the laptop to OmniSwitch and Stellar Access Points to provision, Windows 10 ZTP server provides from scratch the following configuration.

Default settings for OmniSwitch®:

  • Dynamic IP configuration up to 6 IP@
  • RCL filter for DHCP
  • HTTP authentication for Wenview 2.0
  • Ports assignment to VLAN no 1
  • PPoE/FPoE activation
  • QoS for voice

Default settings for OmniAccess® Stellar:

  • Country code for WLAN
  • AP-Group management
  • Default Suscriber IDs (SSIDs) and Security
  • VLAN1 assignement

All the files for ZTP appliance (in OVA format), executable and documentation with VM user guide can be accessible via our Zero Touch Provisioning Application Note.


New OmniSwitch AOS release 5 for OmniSwitch 2260 & OmniSwitch 2360.

The power and the functionalities of OmniSwitch AOS release 8 are now available from the OmniSwitch 6360!

From native AOS8 CLI command set to advanced features like RESTful API or OmniSwitch AMS, this range of switches prepares also even easier evolution towards campus LAN type architectures.

All features that facilitate the simplest possible installation of your LAN & WLAN network, right from the start, are activated by default, for the easiest possible installation and configuration.

Commissioning of POE power supply is set by default for all ALE voice equipment or other equipment requiring a permanent power supply, such as cameras, without management, with PPOE/FPOE feature by default on all 2260, 2360 and 6360 OmniSwitches.

AOS5 and AOS8 Omniswitches, OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi 6 Access Points for SMB are all manageable in all modes: Stellar Express mode, Webview 2.0 mode or Omnivista 2500 /OV Cirrus mode (release R4.6.2).

Webview 2.0 interface is available with a simple connection. It allows an accessible configuration for the OmniSwitch management, L2 switching features; network security features; QoS management and Gigabit or Multi-Gigabit ports management.

With the Zero Touch Provisioning feature and panoply of features developed for the SMB, the installation and the provisioning of a new ALE LAN/WLAN network becomes even more accessible today for teams with even smaller expertise in IT, or with lack of time or budget for installation. This will be implemented without sacrificing the network performance, It will bring you the efficiency with the new range of ALE equipment!