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[Replay] Digital Age Networking webinar series

May. 12 - Jul. 12, 2022

SPB or MPLS? What to choose for your mission critical network?

Speaker: Patricio Martelo SPB provides MPLS-like VPN services but is significantly simpler to deploy and maintain. What’s more, SPB is the shortest path to micro-segmented zero-trust architectures. Should you choose it for your next network design?

Introduction to SASE & SD-WAN

Speaker: Ana Mata With the new hybrid working models imposed by the pandemic, secure connectivity to work from anywhere is more critical than ever. SASE proposes a new WAN concept, based on software and cloud, to secure internet traffic regardless of whether the user is working from a central office, branch office or home, while reducing infrastructure costs and complexity. Our speaker will propose a live Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Introduction to OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi 6E

Speaker: Ana Mata Wi-Fi is becoming the de-facto connectivity for the majority of users in many businesses, either as employees or guests, along with wireless IoTs. Everyone wants to connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy a high-quality experience anytime, anywhere. With additional spectrum available, Wi-Fi 6E enables faster speeds and supports more simultaneous devices, improving overall performance and user experience. Is it the right time for you to move to Wi-Fi 6E?

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