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Spacewalkers Live is coming back in April!

Oct. 24 - Oct. 25, 2022

We are coming back for another special journey! Are you ready to explore further with us?

  • ALE Network Technical Directions​ in 2022
  • Wi-Fi 6E: Best thing to happen to consumers since sliced bread
  • Methods to authenticate devices using OmniVista Unified Policy and Access Manager
  • OmniSwitch Core Portfolio evolution from 40G to 100G Fabric
  • Corporate Network Extension with OmniAccess Stellar Mesh design guidelines
  • OmniAccess Stellar Remote Access Point design guidelines​
  • Precision Time Protocol in modern networks
  • Modern Mission Critical Networks with ERP design
  • Improving QoE of the wireless network using OmniVista 10
  • Enhanced Network Access Control with OpenNAC
  • Network Automation with Ansible and NAPALM
  • Zero Trust Series: Quarantine and Remediation
  • Zero Trust Series: Unified Access to Firewall Role Mapping with OmniVista UPAM
  • SPB Fundamentals workshop with hands-on

This dedicated digital event is intended to share our latest technology, fundamentals, best practices and a sneak peak at new product launches. You will learn how to leverage ALE solutions to build the next gen networks and embrace digital transformation. From concept to configuration, our sessions will show you how to design and implement efficient, reliable and secure network.

## In a nutshell, our digital event is developed around 3 pillars:

- Keynote & demos: Get into the details on our latest technologies & solutions by our solutions architects - Interactions: Exchange with our experts in the forum - Content & resources: Learn & explore how to design the next generation networks