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Asked by GUIB guib
OV 2500 NMS
Asked on 14 March 2019 16 h 04 min

AD Authentication on Wi-Fi


I have some troubles while configuring AD Authentication with OV2500NMS. I linked the AAA authentication profile with the UPAM. In the UPAM i configured the AD server. The test connection is OK. But still, i’m unable to connect with the user AD credentials on the Wi-Fi..

Of course the AAA Server profile is linked with the WLAN Service.

Is there a step i missed ?

Is there doc or “modus operandi” ?

Furthermore, when i configure it with the local database and i add a local account, it works immediately.

Thank you for your help.



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Answer by mikedann
Answered on 18 March 2019 14 h 43 min

Hello again,

Could you confirm that you are using NTLMv2? At the moment, OV supports only v1. V2 will be supported in a future release (summer 2019).

If the above is confirmed, then a possible workaround would be to activate the radius server service (NPS) and have the Stellar APs point to that radius service and use 802.1x

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Answer by mikedann
Answered on 18 March 2019 14 h 01 min

Hi Melvyn,

could you send some details on the access policy and authentication strategy along with what you have done with the AAA server profile?


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