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Asked by Lkyoo88 lkyoo88
Express Mode
Asked on 21/08/2019 10 h 56 min

Application Visibility

How can I see application visibility on Express mode? I have registered the AP to OVCirrus but I can’t see any applications.

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Answer by lkyoo88
Answered on 26/08/2019 15 h 39 min

Well noted, thank you.

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Answer by klentil
Answered on 26/08/2019 15 h 00 min

The App visibility availability depends on two factors : the AP is an OAW 1201,122x, 123x or 1251 (it will not work on a 1101 or 1201H). the AP has to be in "OV managed" (with a paid OV-Cirrus Licence). An AP in express mode registered to an OV cirrus tenant will not display any app statistics (fremium mode). if you have a valid AP and licence : respected, please let elaborate on the SW release used on the AP and AP onboarding mode of operation to check further.

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Answer by denis-simard
Answered on 21/08/2019 15 h 13 min

Application visibility is available in Enterprise mode only. Now, are you sure your AP is in Express mode? It can't be linked to OV Cirrus and be in Express mode simultaneously.

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