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Asked by ChristianGinser christianginser
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Asked on 07/08/2019

Authentication 802.1X ; Microsoft 2012, NPS -> MPPS

Hello, does somebody know, if OS2500 R4.4.1_58 is working with Win 2012 NPS and MPPE.
We have an POC active with Steller 3.06 ( actual ) and OV 2500 4.4.1, in cause of 802.1X and max: MPPE 256Bit, the Auth is not working.
Auth. is pass, but any dhcp adress is given to the authenticated user if we`ll remove the hook under MPPE max security it`s working fine.
Somebody an idea?

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Answer by olivier-stellar
Answered on 09/08/2019

Post in double. To delete Pls

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