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Asked by VAA vaa
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Asked on 13 March 2019 21 h 50 min

[RESOLVED] Captive portal

Trying to add captive portal support into our cloud wifi software We have resolved initial redirection and we get login page. However, we can not find any information which parameters should be posted back to the AP in order to authenticate a user through our radius servers.

Can we get a simple example showing POST or GET with username and password ? Thank you

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Answer by vaa
Answered on 16 March 2019 17 h 54 min

We have managed to integrate in Start Hotspot. Thank you.

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Answer by vaa
Answered on 14 March 2019 10 h 58 min

Thank you for your answer. This is all clear. We have http(s) redirection working. Just to note that our solution works with many other vendors.

What we need is a sample that is posted to the router after the redirection. It's a step 9 in your image.

For example, in case of internal portal there is a GET that sends username and passwword in order to authenticate" + username + "&password=" + newpwd + "&suc_url=

We need similar GET or POST where to send username and password to the AP in case of external captive portal.

Thank you

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Answer by ahbekka
Answered on 14 March 2019 10 h 45 min


Interfacing with a 1/3 party Captive Portal, uses a standard approach of HTTP(s) redirection and Radius authentication as described in attached "call flow". May be you can have a look at it...

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