OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services

OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking Developer Center is the repository of all knowledge needed to start working with OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking developer tools.

What you’ll find here

The Getting Started section provides information to learn how to use REST APIs offered by our Cloud service. It gives the list of prerequisites that you will need to have before starting dealing with these REST APIs. Finally, this section also describes globally the URL format used in our platform and the reasons why we offering this set of APIs.

In the Authentication section, we present the authentication mechanism used to authenticate your HTTP requests. We explain in details how to get a token and how to use it to authenticate your next requests.

Lastly, the API Reference section give you access to the whole list of APIs available in our Cloud service. You will be able to access list of APIs per data model and see some examples helping you how to make your first API call successfully.

OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services

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