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Asked by Lauwerev lauwerev
Express Mode
Asked on 9 August 2018 12 h 10 min

[RESOLVED] How OV Cirrus manage Stellar ? in Express Mode or Enterprise mode ?

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Answer by oma-stellar
Answered on 14 September 2018 15 h 06 min

If you loose the connectivity with OV Cirrus the distant WLAN stays in running mode, meaning continues to broadcast the ssids and ensure the remote Wifi connectivity for the distant site. Regards the guests as the database is managed distantely by OV Cirrus in a Enterprise-like mode you have to post this question directly in the Enterprise hub.
Express and Enterprise are 2 different modes for the WLAN then exclusives for a site effectively.

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Answer by rolf
Answered on 10 August 2018 11 h 34 min

Hi Vijay, for OV Cirrus, our Stellar WLAN AP’s are running in “Enterprise like mode”, but with vpn tunnel enabled (cloud-connector) towards OV Cirrus.

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it means it is not possible to manage “express” setup and also “entreprise” setup in the same time.

One more question: if APs loose contact with OV Cirrus, will the WLAN still work and what about Captive portal with local database ?

SSID’s are broadcasted for sure. the user will not be redirected captive portal page on CIrrus as there is no connectivity

thanks Thanjavuru