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Asked by Teefatt teefatt
Asked on 8 August 2019 3 h 58 min

[RESOLVED] How to convert Freemium account to Trial account with 90days trial.

Hi There
I need to try out the OvCirrus with AP1101. I knew there is trial account available but I have no ideas on how to convert it. The url on how to get the trial acount:

I don’t see any “GET TRIAL” option when I login into Cirrus main page.

I need help on this ASAP.



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Answer by sauveur-baruch
Answered on 13 August 2019 10 h 13 min

Sorry , here attached

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Spacewalers is not attaching my Excel file, I don't know why. Pls indicate me your email@, I send you directly.
By teefatt
my email: Thanks.
done. Best regards
By teefatt
Hi Sauveur, I m still not receiving the excel form. Possible to send via any of the below: -Google Drive -Dropbox -Mega NZ. Thanks.
I sent it to a couple of minute ago. Should be in your mailbox as I didn't receive any error message with invalid email@
By teefatt
The email should be: Pls check. Did you send to the correct one?
OK, I sent it now to instead Pls let me know. Best regards
By teefatt
I replied your email. Pls check. Just in case you did not receive it. I share with this link: Thanks.
Answer by sauveur-baruch
Answered on 13 August 2019 9 h 50 min

Hi Darren,

OVC Trial mode is now on-request to ALE.
Pls fill and return me the Excel OVC Trial request form here attached
Best regards

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By teefatt
Hi Sauveur.Baruch, Where to get the Excel OVC Trial request form? I don't see any form attached here. Thanks.