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Asked by Dan dan
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Asked on 27 December 2018 17 h 06 min

[RESOLVED] I want to reply to a question. How can I do that?

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Answer by dan
Answered on 27 December 2018 18 h 00 min

To post an answer, you need to click first on the question into the forum. Then you have to click on the button "ANSWER QUESTION" or you can scroll down until the "Post your Answer" area where you will type your answer.
Associated to the answer, you'll have the possibility to attach documents.
Don't forget to let the "Notify me of follow" activated if you want to be informed about any other answers provided to the same post.
You can as well click on the "Mark as Resolved" if you consider your answer closing the question.
Then, don't forget to click on the button "Post your answer" to submit it.

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