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Asked by Reki_Najin reki_najin
Asked on 17/12/2019

Is it possible on cirrus to add an description per port.

For example for port 1/1, add description like Server_XXX.Thank you

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Answer by jorge
Answered on 17/12/2019

Hi, For this kind of configurations, CLI Scripting module should be used. Go to "Configuration" -> "CLI Scripting" -> "Terminal" Click "Browse" and select the switch you would like to configure. Then click "SSH". OmniVista will connect you to the switch, with access to the CLI. The command to use is: AOS6: interface alias "Description with spaces between double quotes" AOS8: interface port alias "Description with spaces between double quotes" Then you can save the configuration by CLI and "Disconnet" or using OV-Cirrus.

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