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Asked by Marwasaidani marwasaidani
Enterprise Mode
Asked on 15 January 2019 9 h 17 min

Master-Local IPSec connection not happening

Hi all,
we have a master controller ( that`s running fine and i need to set up a local controller( and configure redundancy .the problem is that i don`t know the ipsec preshared key that is configured on the master controller . i tried to use encrypt disable but i didn`t know where to look on the running config .
i have the below config on the master :

Crypto Map “default-psk-redundant-master-ipsecmap” 9999 ipsec-isakmp

Crypto Map Template”default-psk-redundant-master-ipsecmap” 9999

IKE Version: 1

IKEv1 Policy: All

Security association lifetime seconds : [300 -86400]

Security association lifetime kilobytes: N/A

PFS (Y/N): N

Transform sets={ default-ml-transform }

Peer gateway:

Interface: VLAN 0

Source network:

Destination network:

Pre-Connect (Y/N): Y

Tunnel Trusted (Y/N): Y

Forced NAT-T (Y/N): N

Uplink Failover (Y/N): N

Force-Tunnel-Mode (Y/N): N

IP Compression (Y/N): N

how can i get the preshared key from the master ? if i need to use `encrypt enable `which part of the config i need to look to ?thank you in advance

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Answer by dan
Answered on 15 January 2019 17 h 26 min

Hi Marwasaidani,
this forum is actually here to deal with our Stellar Wireless LAN solution, and our Network Management system (OV2500 and OV-CIRRUS) thus you may understand that your question is not covered by this scope.
However, to provide you some guidance regarding your concern, I may suggest to contact your local business partner that managed your configuration, and he should be able to either recover the former preshared keys or if not feasible to raise a ticket to our technical support to help.

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