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Asked by PedroGemelgo pedrogemelgo
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Asked on 2 May 2019 10 h 08 min

[RESOLVED] No Data on Management Page

We have 6 AP 1221 and when we log on to the managment IP via web browser, we get no information on the screen, as no SSID’s or AP are shown, its a complete blank page.

We need to unplug the current PVC and then the SVC is promoted to PVC and then we get information on the managment portal. When we plug in the previous PVC that was unlugged it promotes itself to PVC and then we get no information again.

We are running software version on the AP1221.

Do you have a solution for us and has this been experienced before on this release with anyone else?

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Answer by benny
Answered on 21 May 2019 8 h 34 min

I haven't seen this before. What browser are you using?

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Answer by kittisak
Answered on 9 May 2019 6 h 34 min

I never user this version. but try upgrade to latest version R3.0.5_1046 It maybe help the issue.

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