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Asked by Enricov75 enricov75
Asked on 10 October 2018 8 h 04 min

OAW-AP1101 not registered

I have a problem connecting ALE Stellar OAW-AP1101 (firmware vers. to OmniVista Cirrus. Actually the network router is based on Mikrotik RouterOS with following DHCP server configuration:

Option 44 field: 0x010c’alenterprise’
(0x010c = sub-option1 declaration)

Option 42 field: ‘’

If I don’t declare option 138 field the AP will boot up in cluster mode; if I declare option 138 like ‘URL=’ the AP will boot up in OV managed mode but in OV-Cirrus the status of device remains “Waiting For First Contact”.


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Answer by sbohra
Answered on 8 November 2018 18 h 50 min

The online OV Cirrus guide states that for APs to be managed (Cirrus 2.0 requires AP software version to be at AWOS The reporting AP has which does not support OV Cirrus. Note: AWOS was the first minimum version where OV Cirrus cloud management was supported. Please upgrade the APs prior to registering.

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