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Asked by Dgawin dgawin
Enterprise Mode
Asked on 12 June 2018 15 h 27 min

[RESOLVED] OV2500 R4.3 - AP Bridge-Mode

Hello Spacewalkers, is there any informations to configure the Bridge-Mode (Mesh) in OV2500 ?
I didnt find anything on the Knowledge-Base (just for Express Mode) or under technical documentations. I want to install this solution next week with AP1221 and AP1222

Thanks in advance

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Answer by dgawin
Answered on 18 June 2018 14 h 23 min

Hi Benny,

thanks, that works for me. Mesh the same way.
Thank you!

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Answer by benny
Answered on 13 June 2018 22 h 58 min

Hi Dominik,

Knowing that you speak German and need a quick feedback, here is the German article on this:

I’ll try to document this in English soon or record a video.

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