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Asked by LanroVince lanrovince
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Asked on 21 January 2019 16 h 09 min

[RESOLVED] Point to multipoint bridging

Hi, do you know if the Stellar solution support point to multipoint bridging ? or is it point to point only ?
In userguide is mentioned p2p and p2mp mesh, but i find no meaning in mentioning p2mp bridging, p2mp is mesh.

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Answer by lanrovince
Answered on 23 January 2019 13 h 39 min

Thanks for these 2 answers.

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Answer by olivier-stellar
Answered on 22 January 2019 19 h 01 min

Hi, the UI interface is the same for meshing or bridging then enables you to configure p2p and p2mp for both mesh/bridges. I do not read any limitations on this. hope this helping"

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Answer by rolf
Answered on 22 January 2019 13 h 32 min

Hi, Our Stellar solution does support two different types: bridge: LAN - WLAN - LAN service is strictly point-to-point Mesh: LAN - WLAN is point to multipoint, including redundance of Mesh root.

hope this answers your question.

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