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Asked by Miro miro
Support Services
Asked on 8 January 2019 12 h 04 min

[RESOLVED] „Programm unz.“ error, Alcatel Lucent 8028s Premium

Hello There Friends,

I’ve got a customer in Germany, who has the problem with this message on his 8028s device.
He says that he can’t access anything, not even setting options, because of the message on his display.

Can somebody advice, how to could I help him.

Thank You

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Answer by dan
Answered on 8 January 2019 13 h 57 min

Hello Miro, this forum area is dedicated to ALE Networking solutions, thus can not help to address Alcatel-Lucent 8028s terminals. I suggest you manage this with the business partner in charge of your customer or ALE technical support.

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