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Asked by Gimin gimin
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Asked on 18 October 2018 11 h 03 min

RSSI Threshold & Roaming RSSI

Can anyone explain RSSI Threshold & Roaming RSSI and why value of this is different from another band (1-100 for stellar but another band use dBm).

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Answer by thomas_deoliveira
Answered on 30 October 2018 14 h 02 min

RSSI threshold setting is recommended when deployed in high density scenario. Wireless access for client with lower RSSI value than configured setting is forbidden to access. By default, RSSI threshold is disabled (0). RSSI threshold can be applied to 2.4G band or 5G band separately. Recommended 2.4G (5), 5G (10).

Roaming RSSI:
Roaming RSSI is used in conjunction with 802.11k and 802.11v. Clients that support these protocols will be informed with sufficient information to which AP to roam to when the threshold is breached. Roaming RSSI is applied to 2.4G band and 5G band separately. Recommended 2.4G (10), 5G (15).

The relation between signal strength and configured RSSI is = (RSSI – 96) dBm

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