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Asked by Lauwerev lauwerev
Enterprise Mode
Asked on 19 November 2018 15 h 13 min

UPAM captive portal on Iphone not detected

Dear Stellar/OV community,

Using captive portal with UPAM (OV CIrrus) for STELLAR AP, I don’t get the the “Automatic Detection of Captive Portal” when connected on the open SSID.
in express mode, It worked fine.

Are there any settings in OV to enable the auto detection on IOS devices ?


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Answer by benny
Answered on 21 November 2018 9 h 18 min

Hi Vijay,

To complement the answer by Mike, I'd like to recommend that you push the following setting via "Apply to Devices" and your corresponding "AP Group" for the Captive-Portal SSID. I'm confident that the Captive Portal will work just fine afterwards (make sure to reconnect to the SSID with your client device afterwards).

I attached a screenshot on where to find the setting in OmniVista Enterprise (but it is the same menu/location in OV Cirrus)

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Answer by mikedann
Answered on 20 November 2018 14 h 05 min


There is nothing specific you need to do on OV for this to work. i have seen that the CPA doen't always get activated on the mobile device when connecting to the Captive Portal-enabled SSID. It depends on the mobile device correctly receiving its DHCP info (IP, GW and DNS) so that the phone can try to contact an external address. A second connection to the SSID, or opening safari can force the connection. Mike.

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