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Asked by Element1064 element1064
Express Mode
Asked on 30 July 2018 10 h 13 min

[RESOLVED] Upgrade failure

Good day, I have customer where I have 15 1101 running in same cluster 100 and try to upgrade software from R3.0.2.38 to R3.0.3.32 but are unable too. Out of the 15 AP’s only 4 is upgrading and the other fails to upgrade and getting an error stating “unable to contact backend” any reason or sollution please?

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Answer by oma-stellar
Answered on 1 August 2018 15 h 06 min

Pls create eSR for such issue

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Answer by oma-stellar
Answered on 1 August 2018 15 h 03 min

if you are running Stellar Express cluster in production, first of all you have to make a listing of all MAC-OUI of your AP1101s.
upgrade from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 is a major upgrade that could make possible database corruption with old AP1101 MAC-OUI.

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Answer by rybear
Answered on 31 July 2018 13 h 44 min

Hi Morne,
I have only used express mode a handful of times but I found upgrading the AP’s through express pretty aggravating.
Try upgrading one at a time if this is still occuring I would contact TAC as there could be a deeper lying issue with the code.


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By rybear

I also assume this cluster is in a production environment?