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Asked by Hpires hpires
Express Mode
Asked on 17 October 2018 16 h 54 min

[RESOLVED] Upgrading Firmwares


I have a AP1221 and 3 AP1101 in Express Mode.
I was able to upgrade the AP1221 firmware to, but when I try to update the AP’s 1101 I get a error saying they could not communicate with the back end server.

The AP’s 1101 are on



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Answer by sbohra
Answered on 8 November 2018 18 h 57 min

The general procedure is to have all APs at the same version before upgrade. We recommend to try upgrading one by one and then ensuring the cluster is well formed. Then further mass upgrade would work. If there is still an issue during this procedure, we are definitely able to support but such troubleshoot would require first a Service Request to be open through our Support welcome center. Hope this is helpful.

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