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Asked by Ezequiel.bujedo ezequiel-bujedo
OV 2500 NMS
Asked on 3 June 2019 22 h 00 min

Whitelist (walled garden) Issue with subdomains

Hello everyone,
Situation, Omnivista 2500 with stellar AP1201
I have configured an external captive portal that needs to have configured different domains to be able to access in its whilist ( walled garden )
Whitelist entry added working: —-> I can access this domain after I get an IP from the network.
Whitelist entry added NOT working: —-> This web doesn’t work.
This is the output of the web browser redirection url

I think it may be a subdomain problem or a bad entry in the whitelist FQDN.

Any Idea about what can be the root of this problem ?
I attach an image about the error I get after I connect to the SSID.

Kind Regards.

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