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Asked by LordPacket lordpacket
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Asked on 27 March 2018 9 h 29 min

[RESOLVED] Why does the new AWOS have such a high version number?

Previously I ran AWOS on my AP1101 and now there is, what is that big difference in the version numbering?

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Answer by benny
Answered on 27 March 2018 9 h 35 min

Hi Lord Packet,

I had the exact same question and my colleague Subash Bohra (Product Line Manager for the OmniAccess Stellar WLAN) responded with the following:
– Initially we release a “GA Build” with 3.0.2.XX (where XX is a number between 1 – 99)
– The first Maintenance Release (MR1) will now be identified by “10XX” e.g.
– A second Maintenance Release (MR2) would be identified by “20XX” and so on

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