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Asked by Element1064 element1064
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Asked on 03/10/2019

Wi-Fi speeds

Good day

does anybody have a good way of testing the Wi-Fi speeds, I have a customer with 15 AP1101 and contentiously complaining about the Wi-Fi being slow. I want to prove to them there is nothing wrong with the Wi-Fi.

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Answer by oma-stellar
Answered on 17/10/2019

Just an adding to Enriques's recommandation here, Pls care about Wifi clients capabilities connected to the AP1101 group. Wifi speeds are related to each client capabilities and for example perform iPerf on low-speed client has no sense. We are really speaking here about iPerf traffic generator.

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Answer by eroques
Answered on 03/10/2019

Hello, there are many ways you can use to test the speed. You can use a traffifc generator like iperf. Also you can use a ftp server on the LAN side, and upload/download a file. Just couple of examples.

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Thank you, I think I will go the iperf route