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How to Build a Solid Public Wi-Fi Network

There are so many other great features about our WLAN product line, so let’s explore them and get right to it. Here are some of key qualities of our OmniAccess Stellar WLAN solution that will make public Wi-Fi stellar

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Nowadays, the first thing tourists do when they land in a new city is try connecting to public free Wi-Fi. The demand for it has highly increased and cities are trying hard to accommodate all. However, it can be challenging to keep up with the type of excellence people are looking for. Luckily, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has developed a WLAN product line that is great for satisfying both tourists and local citizens, as well as the entire government industry. We are pleased to introduce you to the Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar WLAN.

Our Stellar WLAN solution provides a reliable, secure and high-performance Wi-Fi solution. Its next-generation access points deliver enterprise-grade connectivity, with operational simplicity and manageability. Its distributed controller architecture avoids single points of failure and ensures optimal performance.


Key features

There are so many other great features about our WLAN product line, so let’s explore them and get right to it. Here are some of key qualities of our OmniAccess Stellar WLAN solution that will make public Wi-Fi stellar:

Simple management: The ideal government/public Wi-Fi solution for any city should be able to support several access points (AP), which can be controlled and supervised from a single interface.

Easy and flexible deployment: Many factors go into making great high-speed Wi-Fi. Some include optimal radio coverage and high bandwidth connectivity. Deployment, however, is a crucial aspect that must also be considered. It should be easy, simple and scalable.

Scalability: Speaking of scalability, it is estimated that IoT connections will significantly grow in the next few years. This means that whatever public Wi-Fi solution you choose for your city, it is fundamental to take this major growth into consideration. Your Wi-Fi should be scalable in size and have a controllerless hardware.

IoT: It is crucial to consider IoT when thinking of which public Wi-Fi solution to choose from. Your IoT containment technology should deliver higher-quality services, streamline processes, cut costs and find innovative ways to add new value for citizens.

Security: ALE’s OmniAccess Stellar WLAN was built for security. Governments contain and exchange a lot of data and information that needs to be strictly secured and protected from any outside cyberattack. Some of the security features of our OmniAccess Stellar WLAN include secure network access control (NAC) with Unified Access technology, smart analytics application monitoring and enforcement and IoT containment that secures any connected device.

Performance: Your situation may require you to offer public Wi-Fi in locations where the user density and devices are higher than usual, as it is the case of very crowded areas. Hence, the city Wi-Fi network solution must accommodate to these environments and provide a service in which all users can benefit from.

Affordability and TCO: We understand the need to find the best and most cost-effective solution for any sector and industry. The ALE OmniAccess® Stellar WLAN product line, which was made to be affordable, has a low TCO due to its simple management features and built-in intelligent capabilities. Some of those capabilities include secure web management portal and smart load-balancing.



Lastly, as more networks evolve to the unlimited possibilities of artificial intelligence, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is prepared to help with solutions like Rainbow. The possibilities with AI are endless, and when leveraging Wi-Fi combined with Rainbow, we can make the interaction between “things,” “humans” and “AI” reach superior experience levels for citizens and government workers.

Learn more about our OmniAccess® Stellar WLAN solution on our website!



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