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How to Make Public Wi-Fi Faster

Here are some key features to consider for making public Wi-Fi fasters and to grow user experience

Post on 30.03.2019 by Carolina


People have become used to the fast rate at which technology is evolving, they don’t want to deal with anything below the standard. Wi-Fi today is speedy and people can access all sorts of information online in a matter of seconds. So what’s happen is people have grown to have high Wi-Fi standards, and if a page doesn’t load fast enough, they get nothing but frustration.

Reliable and fast Wi-Fi, however, makes citizens, tourists and workers happy! Governments and businesses, for example, strive to make their citizens and clients satisfied. How do they achieve this? They recognize they need networks that meet a standard.

There are additional issues that city Wi-Fi networks can suffer. Some may include pressure and repercussions from all the mobile and IoT connections, which may ultimately affect performance. Hence, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has looked into how you can build a public network that can offer fast Wi-Fi AND an excellent user experience!


Key Features – Don’t Wi-Fi without them

Here are some key features to consider for making public Wi-Fi faster:



People experience high-speed Wi-Fi at home and expect it to be the same anywhere they go. How can public Wi-Fi meet that type of performance? A tip that can help city providers is to understand people’s needs and expectations by conducting a survey.

Keep in mind that the Wi-Fi equipment will have different requirements depending on whether the space for improvement is indoor or outdoor. Outdoor equipment will need to resist potentially harsh environments, while indoor offer a less expensive version.


Go for the Excellent User Experience

Before you start implementing Wi-Fi in your city, there are some crucial questions to think about. They should all be considered during the design stage. First, what type of Wi-Fi would you like to offer people in your city? Think of the different levels of Wi-Fi coverage, who will be able to access it and what type of experience do your consumers expect?

For example, you can give people Wi-Fi access, but only for a certain limited of time so that it doesn’t slow down the network. In addition, you can choose where people will be able to access it and stream videos – in touristy spots? Downtown? Finally, how would you like users to connect? They could connect as a guest, or through a captive portal that allows users to register for and authenticate to the municipal Wi-Fi service.


Scalability and Connectivity from Everywhere

According to our Smart City Network Solution Guide, “municipal Wi-Fi must scale up and down. Some locations may require hundreds of Access Points whilst other locations may require only a single AP. The solution must not be constrained by scalability and cost of a hardware controller. Thousands of AP’s [can be] managed from a single pane of glass. Without hardware controllers, the solution can scale from one to thousands of AP’s without the capacity constraints and costs of controllers.”

Remember that citizens, tourists, and government employees love being connected anywhere they go. Who doesn’t? This can play a really big role in making a city more attractive for tourists and may also increase the amount of conventions and exhibitions brought to the city.


For more on this, discover Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar WLAN for government, as well as our government solutions.

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