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How to Maximize Students’ Success with Better Wi-Fi Connectivity

The technology boom of the 21st century has created new ways to make school and education more attractive and engaging. An example of this is Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Post on 15.02.2019 by Carolina


The technology boom of the 21st century has created new ways to make school and education more attractive and engaging. An example of this is Learning Management Systems (LMS).

LMS allows students, among others on campus, to access course content online, check their progress, engage with instructors and colleagues, and access information about the school’s events and activities. However, for any institution to have a successful and engaging LMS, it also needs a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity – and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has exactly that.


The need for quality connectivity everywhere

Overall, Wi-Fi coverage in classrooms and libraries are pretty good, but the need for connectivity shouldn’t stop there. Students need it everywhere, so they can maximize their learning process. For instance, many students are most productive in their dorms, where they feel comfortable and can study as late as they want. However, in most cases, Wi-Fi in dorms isn’t as reliable and bandwidth is limited. This leads students not to work as efficiently, jeopardizing their time and ability to succeed academically.

This is why there needs to be a quality improvement in the Wi-Fi connectivity and it needs to be pervasive, reaching every corner of the campus. A good Wi-Fi can positively and significantly impact a school or university in the following ways:

  • Use of education technology
  • Student satisfaction
  • University reputation
  • Recruitment
  • Student retention

Stellar Wi-Fi is what schools need to keep all the elements listed above at very high levels.


The Solution

Stellar Wi-Fi is Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Wi-Fi solution. It includes a variety of high-performance access points optimized to fit the distinguished needs of every area in the campus, either indoors or outdoors.

Specifically for dormitories, ALE offers the OmniAccess Stellar AP1201H. It provides simultaneous multicast data transmission to multiple devices, which maximizes data throughput and improves network efficiency.

As an indoor Wi-Fi access point, the AP1201H provides high-performance Gigabit Wi-Fi for in-room applications, like dormitories. Students will be able to access online courses and materials, as well as enjoy entertainment and social platforms online.

It supports a maximum concurrent data rate of 1.2 Gb/s, MU-MIMO and two spatial streams (2SS). The AP1201H offers Gigabit ethernet uplink and 3x Gigabit downlink. It supports 802.3af PSE to power to the attached device, one pair of RJ-45 passthrough port, 1USB 2.0 port for IoT appliance.

To conclude, students like technology and it actually helps them reach better results. For these technologies to thrive, Wi-Fi must work efficiently and effectively in dorms, classrooms, everywhere. Hence, ALE strives to help institutions increase their success rates by developing the best Wi-Fi infrastructure.


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