Broadcast & Multicast
OmniAccess Stellar

How to optimise broadcast and multicast traffic over the air?

This video explains how broadcast and multicast, two transmission modes, can be enhanced to optimise traffic over the air. The presentation shares how the network is gaining in 3 dimensions: reducing power consumption, lowering the bandwitch usage and increasing security.

Guest Traffic Tunneling Services

Guest Traffic Tunneling Services Demo

Watch Benjamin Rougeaux’s video about Guest Traffic Tunneling Services with presentation and demo!

OmniSwitch Milestone

Fundamentals of OmniSwitch Milestone Plugin with hands-on demo

Demo on how OmniSwitch Milestone Plugin provides seamless integration with Milestone Systems Video Management System, which enhances efficiency, security and improves availability.

Authentification & Deployment
OmniAccess Stellar

OmniAccess Stellar Authentification & Deployment Demo

This video serves as a comprehensive guide for securely provisioning access points to prevent security breaches. It highlights the seamless integration of complex configurations with OmniVista 2500.