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Read this Spacewalkers blog post written by David Fortini to discover how to improve overall Wi-Fi network performance, especially for high bandwidth applications.

Post on 11.12.2019 by David Fortini

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise distributed intelligence WLAN architecture reduces delays and improves availability for real-time applications by eliminating the need for a centralized controller.

Not having a centralized controller eliminates controller processing power limitations and improves network availability by removing the risk of a single point of failure.


1. Wi-Fi 6 speeds


An Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar solution provides Wi-Fi 6 enhancements which can improve overall Wi-Fi network performance especially for high bandwidth applications.

For instance, Wi-Fi 6 transfers speeds are 40% faster than Wi-Fi 5, and download speeds are 1000% quicker than the average Wi-Fi 5 download speeds of 119Mbps.

In addition, Wi-Fi 6 supports high bandwidth applications by using a wider channel to prevent fragmentation even in high density coverage areas. It also enables faster connection speeds between devices and access points which can enhance user experiences by four times.


2. Does your network have high bandwidth devices?


Does your network have high bandwidth devices that require high Power over Ethernet (PoE) outdoor access points with extended coverage areas?

Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar solutions provide optical (SFP) connectivity for outdoor access points for longer distance coverage. As with OmniAccess Stellar AP1360 series that support all mandatory and several optional 802.11 ax features, which include UL-DL-OFDMA with up to 37 Us.

The use of MU-MIMO with up to four spatial streams and 1024-QAM modulation and more are making outdoor settings hightly reliable and efficient. Multi-user multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO) allows more data to be transferred at once, enabling an access point to handle a larger number of concurrent clients. This capability was introduced with 802.11ac, but now with 802.11ax the multi-user performance can be concurrently delivered in both directions.

The security of network admission is control with Unified Access, built in application intelligence and analytics, it making it ideal for enterprises of all sies demanding a simple, secure and scalable wireless solution Wi-Fi 6.

This allows enterprises to deliver high performance wireless LAN services with increased throughput, enabling more clients in dense environments while providing power efficiency to IoT (internet of Things) devices.

It also provides an additional PoE port which can be used to power other PoE devices such as video surveillance cameras.

Learn more about Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar Access Points.


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