OmniAccess Stellar GA release availability

Post on 03.11.2022

OmniAccess Stellar release is now available on ALE MyPortal. Softwares and release notes can be downloaded on the portal.

All modes supported: Express, OV Enterprise & OV-Cirrus modes,

Wi-Fi 5 hardware supported: AP1101, AP1201, AP1220 series, AP1230 series, AP1251, AP1251-RW-B, AP1261-RW-B, AP1201H, AP1201L, AP1201HL

Wi-Fi 6 hardware supported: AP1320 series, AP1360 series, AP1201BG, AP1301, AP1301H, AP1311, AP1331, AP1351

New Wi-Fi 6E hardware: AP1451

Find list of all features supported by General Availability, and fixed issues from maintenance build, published release note:

Features in all modes: Express, OVE & OVC:

  • AP-Name broadcast in Beacons
  • CSA (802.11h)
  • OWE support
  • WPA3 Enterprise only mode

Features in OV mode:

  • SNMPv3 support
  • GRE tunnel resiliency
  • Options in DHCP option 82
  • Allow list for client isolation
  • Downlink Tag VLAN support (trust tag & bypass VLAN) on AP1301H, all modes

In addition, PERWIFI and PEROV related in OVE/OVC 47R1 release notes.

Furthermore, take into account Open/Known problems, and limitations/dependencies in General Availability:

  • Problems known at the time of product release.
  • HW support & limitations and SW restrictions