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Revolutionize Your Business With OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services

by hamaro
Posted10.10.18 Business Opportunities Communication Insight and Analytics LBS News and Events Trends
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Smart city and Internet of Things concept.

Today’s technologies allow companies to receive guests better than ever. It is essential that any guest or customer feels welcomed and comfortable, with a desire to return. With this in mind, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has embraced technology and developed OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services (LBS).

What are some of its main features?

  • OmniAccess Stellar Location-Based Services enable:
  • Indoor location sharing
  • Smart parking
  • Automatic information messages and emergency notifications
  • Staff mobilization and coordination
  • Finding points of interest with turn-by-turn directions
  • Proximity marketing for restaurant and retail promotions
  • Moreover, it offers in-depth location analytics to better understand people flow, dwell time, area utilization and concentration for indoor locations that utilize this LBS solution.


How is it used?

According to a Statista report, the number of people using a mobile phone is forecasted to surpass five billion by 2019. People around the world are using their mobile phones everywhere for everything, including in the venues they visit. Hence, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is taking advantage of this trend to offer unique new services such as easy-to-use facility navigation in an office building, hospitals, airports, museums and even across a university campus. This makes visitors comfortable when walking into unfamiliar environment.

There are three aspects to our LBS solution: indoor positioning, geofencing and analytics.

Indoor positioning, also known as geolocation, can be viewed as an “indoor GPS,” which helps both employees and guests move around a certain location more easily and efficiently, as they will be guided directly to their intended location within a facility.

Geofencing provides the ability to create a virtual boundary around a specific zone or item, which will then send an alert to a mobile application based on the user’s location. Geofencing alerts can be triggered by different events such as when the user enters, exits or remains in a defined zone. Common uses of geofencing include retail promotion alerts when people are in the proximity of the store or displaying pertinent information about the specific location like a museum exhibit overview.

Lastly, the analytics give businesses the opportunity to gain full control of their environment. The Cloud Manager platform stores and organizes every data point for accurate analysis and process optimization. Analytics provides a variety of anonymous and opt-in metrics (such as number, duration, frequency of visits) to support relevant strategic decisions and optimize ROI.


How will it benefit your business?

Our OmniAccess Stellar LBS solution can help your business by enhancing your customers’ experiences from the warm welcome they receive upon entering your campus or facility, to the guidance they receive from navigating unfamiliar indoor locations, until they leave with a message of gratitude.

In addition, it can make communication with guests and employees customized and more efficient, which consequently allows enterprises to understand their behavior in a more meaningful way and adjust the business environment to provide better customer service.


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